Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Eating the Web: Gardening

This edition of 'Eating the Web' is pure gardening motivation. I'm really bad at gardening - as I have a tendency to kill everything I try to grow. Here are my garden goals for last year. I'm unsure of my garden plans for this year - what with the upcoming move to Brandon, Manitoba!

1. Send a Seed Filled Card: I've been really getting into snail mail lately and have joined several snail mail writing clubs (If you are interested, check out my hobby blog), so I love this amazing card idea!

2. 12 Easy Vegetables to Grow: Did I mention that I'm horrible at growing things? Maybe I should start with some of these easy vegetables. 

3. Seedy Zine: Do you need some growing related motivation? Check out this zine (available online for free here). ps. I'm a contributor! 

4. Citrus Recipes? Summer not quiet here but craving a bit of sunshine in your life? Take advantage of year round citrus. 

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