Monday, March 17, 2014

Eating the Web: Brandon, Manitoba

When I moved to Ottawa to complete my MA in philosophy I did very little research. I knew where the school was and that's pretty much it. I've spent some time in Brandon in the recent years so I have a basic understanding of the town but I've also done a lot of research in recent days. Here are some of my favourite blogs and organizations from the Brandon/Winnipeg area. 

1. Oh So Lovely Vintage: I've been following this blog for a while now. This cute vintage blog is associated with a vintage/thrift shop in Winnipeg called Rhymes with Orange, which I have yet to visit. The vibe of the blog is cute, positive, and happy. 

2. Chicks and Peas: This food blog has absolutely beautiful food photography. The girls that run this blog are creating a wonderful, responsible food community in Winnipeg.   

3. Ramble and Feast: Another Winnipeg part journal/part food blog with an amazing, positive and motivational vibe.

4. Fruit Share: (The Brandon version of Toronto's Not Far From the Tree) I've already signed up to volunteer!

5. The Quill: I've been catching up on Brandon University issues by reading articles on The Quill. The recent SUDS (Student Union Drinking Spot) referendum has been interesting to say the least.      

6. Beer Crank: The very existence of this beer blog makes me happy.  

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