Friday, August 2, 2013

Zine Dream

While my blog may have been silent in recent months my life has been anything but! I've enjoyed a three week bike tour of the prairies, sunny summer days, refreshing beers, and many other wonderful summer moments

But I'm back to blogging on a regular basis! I will be returning to a 2x a week blogging schedule but am including a weekly newsletter with exclusive content! So be sure to sign up by submitting your email in the box on the left hand side of this page! 

I will be participating at Zine Dream on the 5th of August (12-5pm) at The Tranzac, Toronto. I will be tabling with two new zines! The main attraction is Winged Snail Brews (and Drinks) Kombucha: Volume 1: A Kombucha Brewing Primer which includes a coffee kombucha recipe, how to grow a SCOBY from purchased kombucha, basic kombucha brewing steps, brewing philosophy, a treatise on the importance and form of labels, and bottling and flavoring information

Included with the $3.00 purchase is a SCOBY and free access to my online kombucha brewing course - found here. (You, dear blog readers can have free access too! Just enter coupon code 'blog'!)

My second new zine is a 24 hour Zine Thing entry entitled "Don't Ask Me How I Know: The Bicycle Touring Edition" in which I give you advice and information regarding bicycle touring. *may be inspired by my recent bike tour!

In addition to these zines I have my "Winged Snail Eats: MoFo Edition" available for purchase here. My new zines will also be available to purchase through that link after the event. 

I will also be selling assorted food buttons.  These buttons were made with the button machine loaned from the Toronto Tool Library.
   (My six favorite buttons!)

Visit me at the fair, mention this food blog and get a free food button! 

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