Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Review: Summertime Sippers 15 COOl recipes for HOT summer days

I received Summertime Sippers because I entered the giveaway on Lizz Clements blog. It took a few weeks to arrive but thankfully it arrived in the midst of a massive heat wave. It was so hot in Toronto that we bought a fan, I contemplated taking a margarita shower, and I was consuming a dozen Popsicles a day for the last week. The weather in Toronto was the iconic interpretation of HOT summer days. Thank goodness I had fifteen COOL recipes to choose from.

I started with the classic lemonade recipe. It was super easy, straightforward recipe which makes a slightly sweet lemonade. I think it would be amazing with a shot of whiskey as Clements recommends in the introduction. A few hours later I had to try the limeade recipes (did I mention there was a heat wave!?) It uses the same technique a results in a refreshing, tart drink. As the introduction states, limeade is 'lemonade's more sophisticated cousin'. From decision to drinking, both the lemonade and the limeade only take a few minutes to put together. This is a huge selling point during a heat wave unlike my brand new fan which required 10 minutes of sweaty assembly (what is wrong with the world!?)

A few hours later (don't judge me!) I had to try the recipe for Sweet Tea. I was aware of sweet tea, but I assumed it was simply a sweeter version of iced tea. It definitely is a liquid unto itself! It's good for a change of pace, but won't replace my sun brewed iced tea.
Summertime Sippers is Clements first self-published cookbook. I love the fact that the book is dedicated to her partner, Christine, who was responsible for the photos in the book. The amount of love and support evident in that dedication is a beautiful thing! Clements has two other cookbooks in the works. Stay on the lookout for Vegan Gifts in a Jar (1 Oct 2012) and Vegan Cake Truffles (1 Dec 2012).


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