Monday, April 9, 2012

Cooking from VeganMoFo: Steamed Bread

I've been on a MoFo kick as of late. There was simply so many awesome, inspirational mofo posts this year.

I have been curious about steamed buns for a while. I was hesitant to make them as I've never had them before and thought I would mess it up but my inspiration made it seem so easy and fun that I just simply had to give it a shot! Now that I've done it, I know that these buns are so easy and fast that they can replace the quick flat breads or biscuits that I usually make to accompany supper.

I followed the recipe and instructions for the bread exactly, but my filling was seitan-and-a-bunch-of-random-spices. The bread was good, but I have to roll the dough thinner and work on closing the buns. These buns were awesome while they were still warm but were also good as an in-between meal snack.

I am so glad that MoFo inspired me to make this dish! It will definitely be made again!

Don't be scared of steamed bread!
What have you made lately that scared you?

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  1. chocolate wafers that didn't have a cooking time in the original recipe--the author who published the recipe suggested 10-12 minutes, but my oven's weird and they didn't seem done after 12 min., so I baked them longer--I'm still not sure if they're baked enough, but they were good though!