Monday, August 10, 2015

Eating the Web: Kombucha, Kvass, and Aquafaba

1. Chocolate Beer: A non-alcoholic beer which uses beer brewing principles with cocoa beans makes for a very interesting concept. 

2. 21 Ways to Flavour Kombucha: My SCOBY has been basically undisturbed since I acquired it last fall. Time to brew up some new flavours! 

3. Cooking with Beet Kvass: I participated in a free 2 hour fermenting class a few weeks ago - and it's really inspired me to get back to fermenting. Using beet kvass in Bloody Mary's seems like an excellent idea! 

4. Coffee and Tonic Water: Back in the good ole days when I lived in Toronto, we regularly visited a few coffee shops that offered drink options that combined carbonated beverages with coffee - they were all delicious and I really should DIY it. 

5. Aquafaba: I've been intrigued by this concept for weeks now. Basically, the liquid in canned beans (especially chickpeas) can be used as an egg substitute and made into classic egg dishes like meringues! (I made some vegan butter that will be up next week!)     

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