Friday, January 24, 2014

Reusable Straw Collection

From the top: cleaning brush, Strawesome bubble tea straw, Mulled Mine Metal Bubble Tea straw, Bamboo straw, metal drinking straw, Strawesome cocktail straw

I've had the metal drinking straw for years. I got it at the Toronto Vegetarian Food Festival and I do not remember the company. The bamboo straw was purchased in Winnipeg for 75 cents and I have not used it yet. The two Strawesome straws were reviewed here and I like them even less now than when I wrote that review. The ends are not cut straight and because of that the cocktail straw does not look clean after a single use. 

The Metal Bubble Tea straw I purchased from this etsy store. As I love my daily metal drinking straw I believe I will enjoy this metal straw.

There are many reusable straw options so if you happen to purchase one and dislike it - keep on the lookout for something else!     

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