Friday, March 1, 2013

Review: Summer Fresh Sauce

I received several Summer Fresh Sauces to review. I made easy dishes with their vegetarian sauces, leaving the two meat based ones for my husband to enjoy when I leave on vacation in a few weeks. 

These sauces really remind me of canned cream of ____ soups so I used them in the same way that I would use canned soups. 

Overall, they taste pretty good. I would recommend them over canned soups but as we do not eat processed foods very often we found the flavor profile to be slightly off. I found the mushroom sauce very salty and my husband found the cranberry sauce very sweet. 

The PR people from this company were very polite and friendly so I am sure they would be open to any questions that you have about the product! 

The next three posts (all today) will related to these Summer Fresh Sauces! Hope you enjoy!  

The Small Print: This was one of several sauces I received through a Food Bloggers of Canada cross-promotion. I received five Summer Fresh Sauces as well as an Ikea 365+ wok. Recipes posted within two weeks of receiving sauces become eligible for consideration as a feature on the Food Bloggers of Canada home page.

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