Monday, March 18, 2013

Brewing: Coffee Kombucha

I've been brewing Kombucha for the last few months. There are a lot of supposed health benefits associated with Kombucha. I am not sure if I believe such claims but I would support removing cola and soft drinks in flavor of a home-brewed, few ingredient drink such as Kombucha. I do not drink cola or soft drinks so adding Kombucha to my diet is actually an increase in non-water liquids. I like the brewing process and I enjoy finding uses for the extra scobies created. 

I read about using an extra scoby to ferment some brewed coffee. I left an inch or so of brewed kombucha in the bottom of this container and poured in room temperature coffee and an extra scoby. Apparently, the acidity of the coffee prevents a baby scoby from forming and kills the mother.

Have you brewed anything besides tea Kombucha with your scoby?
What do you do with your extra scobies?   

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