Friday, June 3, 2011

Drinking: Frozen Hot Chocolate

My husband hates the name of this drink. I simply do not understand why! For some reason, frozen hot chocolate has become a huge rage in the restaurants. Therefore, I had to try a homemade version.

I made my regular hot chocolate (1 cup soy milk and 4 heaping tablespoons of Camino dark hot chocolate mix). This gives a really thick and creamy hot chocolate when consumed hot. However, after throwing it in the fridge and drinking over ice the result was somewhat lack-luster.

To make really successful Frozen hot chocolate you need an extremely thick hot chocolate and maybe incorporate chocolate in the icecubes? Overall, I think I'll stick to my iced coffees.

Frozen hot chocolate completes the trilogy: Iced Coffee and Iced Tea


  1. Why didn't you blend it in a blender?

  2. Hi Sarah! Wow yo have 250 cookbooks! That's amazing! I've never heard of frozen hot chocolate and it sounds like a fun drink to try. :-)

  3. I have had frozen hot chocolate before, but always blended like a smoothie almost. At least you gave it a go; it's always fun trying new drinks out.

  4. Maybe he'd like the name "frozen chocolate milk" better, but it doesn't sound as dramatic. ;)

  5. I knew I should have bought that slushy maker last summer!
    Plus, I am all for dramatic names!
    Thanks for reading guys! :)