Monday, February 16, 2015

Ethiopian: Injera Recipe Review

Since I received Teff Love in the mail at the beginning of the month, I've been cooking all things Ethiopian. I've basically eaten nothing but Ethiopian food since this book arrived and it's been a deliciously good time! 

There are two recipes for injera in Teff Love and one in Vegan Eats World. I decided to try them all and give you the run down. 

Vegan Eats World, Ethiopian Savoury Crepes (206) 
Method: 1 hour ferment
Ingredients: common pantry items 
Difficulty: very simple
Taste: decent

While not an 'authentic' injera this recipe is easy, fast and reliable. It's perfect for the weekday injera fix. 

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Teff Love, long ferment (Ye'tef Injera, page 30)
Method: 6 day ferment (if you have to make the Ersho starter, 3 if you don't)
Ingredients: common pantry items
Difficulty: moderate, as it takes a few minutes of upkeep each day)
Taste: good

While this recipe does take a few days to develop the flavor is there and it isn't really that hard to do - it just takes a little planning. 

Teff Love, short ferment (Quick Teff Crepes, page 33)
Method: instant
Ingredients: speciality items (vegan yogurt, carbonated water)
Difficulty: easy
Taste: After days and days of easy cooking injera, I was surprised to find that I couldn't make this recipe cook properly. It was failed crepe after failed crepe. After 1/2 the batter I simply gave up! 

Overall, I would make the Vegan Eats World recipe for week-day Ethiopian feasts and go with the long fermented version offered in Teff Love for dinner parties, special occasions, and weekend meals because it does taste better. 

Note: There is yet another recipe for injera in 'Papa Tofu Loves Ethiopian Food' but I haven't tried it yet because it calls for urad dal which I haven't been able to source in Brandon yet.  

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