Friday, July 11, 2014

Review: Fermentation Blogs

I've done my fair share of fermentation experiments over the years, including from kombucha, kvass, and kimchi. I have all of Sandor Ellix Katz's books which are great resources but I also like to delve into the world of fermentation blogs for inspiration and innovation. 
Here are a few of my favorite fermentation blogs:

1. Phickle is a great fermentation blog that has beautiful photos as well as great information. The header is well organized and recipes and information are easy to find. Check out this post on Microbial Terroir

2. Fermup is a blog/podcast combination. The dynamic between the two podcast hosts is a bit... forced but the content is usually interesting. The blog is infrequently updated but the quality of the information presented in the podcast makes this site worth a look.   

3. Home Brew Forum is the first place I check for home brew information as well as kombucha and soda ideas. There is a breath of knowledge here, especially in DIY brewing and gluten free brewing but you'll have to search for it! 

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