Thursday, March 1, 2012

News for March

I have been posting my 'news' here on the food blog but because of the nature of this news (food distro, academic, and life in general) I have decided to shift it over to my main blog - This month's is posted on both blogs but next month will be on the main blog only! Thanks!

This month...
... on there will be
a. a review of the cookzine 'Papa Tofu loves Ethiopian Food'
b. my first foray into coffee roasting
c. monthly blog event entitled 'Dollar Store Foodies!'
... at the cookzine distro
a. massive zine listing update
... Presentations at
a. philopolis Guelph
b. Dalhousie graduate conference
... regarding zines in general
a. final layout and print run of the zine 'Make a Wish...'
b. first official call for submission for my next zine project (don't worry it WILL be about food!)
... in real life
a. 4 year wedding anniversary
b. St. P's day celebration!

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