Monday, July 2, 2012

Drinking: Salty Lemonade

One of the weird things about me is that I enjoy browsing grocery stores. I can spend hours in grocery stores, walking around, touching stuff, making decisions, taking notes of things I have to look up when I get home.

I have known about preserved lemons for years. I even tried to make them once, but that failed pretty spectacularly. Everyone says it's mad easy to make your own preserved lemons so I did not want to buy a whole jar of lemons, especially if I wasn't sure that I like the taste of them. However, I discovered I could buy a solitary preserved lemon from the olive/cheese counter at my local middle eastern grocery store. (Another plus to grocery store browsing!) One preserved lemon for $1.25! Count me in!

Now, I just needed a recipe or two. I made some pasta with kale and onions and threw in some preserved lemon as a garnish. Pretty tasty.

And then.... lemonade. Could I make lemonade with preserved lemons? Like any good idea, it's been done and done and done. In fact this drink is a traditional Vietnamese drink called Salted Lemonade.

Salty Lemonade:
1 wedge of preserved lemon
2 teaspoons sugar
squirt of lemon juice

Muddle preserved lemon and sugar. Add water, ice, and lemon juice.

Be careful with the balance of sugar and salt. It's supposed to be a tiny bit salty, but not extremely. I added some lemon juice at the end but it's not traditional. I like it because it gives the drink a more 'classic' lemonade feel. This drink would be amazing on a hot, hot, hot summer day and an easy way to replace some electrolytes!